There are cool dads, and then there are rock dads. Just ask the daughters of rock and roll royalty who really reap the benefits of being a chip off the old block. On top of inheriting a slew of enviable physical traits—good hair is just the beginning—they too have attitude and charisma in spades.

Tousled dark lengths. A pillowy pout. And those lean, mile-long limbs. Liv Tyler is the spitting image of her Aerosmith frontman father Steven, with a proclivity for kohl-rimmed eyes to boot. Similarly, Georgia May Jagger effortlessly strikes poses in front of the lens with her father Mick's sharp, androgynous bone structure and signature parted full lips, while Zo? Kravitz's shape-shifting mane and glowing skin are evidence enough she hit the genetic lottery, due in no small part to her old man Lenny. And then there's Lily Rose Depp, who may be her mother Vanessa Paradis' doppelg?nger, but was certainly bequeathed with her father Johnny's famously chiseled cheekbones and devil-may-care magnetism.

In honor of Father's Day, six father-daughter pairs that keep above-the-neck rule breaking in the family.