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    The Best Fashion Instagrams of the Week Solange Wears a Naked Dress SJP Is Shining

    The Best Fashion Instagrams of the Week: Solange Wears a Naked Dress, SJP Is Shining

    Photo: Courtesy of Khalid / @thegr8khalid

    All hail Madonna, the queen of pop and metamorphosis. Her latest hit: Madonna performed with Maluma at the Billboard Music Awards on Wednesday, wearing a short polka dot dress accessorized with an eye patch. Another musician moment: Dev Hynes shouted out stylist Mel Ottenberg on Instagram in a deliciously wild look that consisted of a bandana, a green plaid lumberjack shirt, spandex, and leather loafers. Meanwhile, Lizzo celebrated her new album by posing in shiny red zippered bodysuit with harness straps.

    Elsewhere, in some glamorous bathroom (with a Venus razor lingering on the tub!), Elle Fanning looked ever the lovely lady in a floral print dress with two silk ribbons in her hair. As for Solange, who was fresh off of her performance at Wales Bonner’s “Devotional Sound” concert, the singer posted a saucy image of herself in a nearly naked chain dress. Take that image into the weekend for some major wardrobe inspiration.

    Here, see these and more of the best fashion Instagrams of the week.

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