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    Beyonc Ups Her Courtside Style With This Cool Parisian Label

    Beyoncé Ups Her Courtside Style With This Cool Parisian Label

    Photo: Getty Images

    On Friday evening, Beyoncé, along with husband Jay-Z, attended an NBA playoffs game in Houston, Texas. (It was the Golden State Warriors versus the Houston Rockets; the Warriors won.) Ever the fashion maverick, singer left her sports jersey at home in favor of a more daring look: a statement bodysuit. And she chose a style by a cool, Paris-based label to do it. Talk about courtside chic!

    The body-clinging piece was by Marine Serre and was covered in the brand’s distinctive half-moon logo (it also featured ingenious built-in gloves). The eye-catching print is proving to be a go-to with celebrities—Kendall Jenner wore Serre’s gloves to Coachella last month.

    To play up her graphic catsuit, Beyoncé leaned into a futuristic vibe. She paired it with a black patent coat, ’90s-style sunglasses, a K Kane necklace, and dainty ankle-strap heels that were barely visible against the print, but lengthened her legs nonetheless. Meanwhile, a globe-shaped handbag, also by Serre, had the words “Hardcore Couture” printed on it; it is the title of the designer’s most recent Spring collection, but also perfectly describes Beyoncé‘s sports-game look.

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