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    Charlize Theron Is Bringing Back This Rock n Roll Pant

    Charlize Theron Is Bringing Back This Rock? ?’n’? ?Roll Pant

    Photo: Getty Images

    These days, fashion trends are all about juxtaposition. Take the recent tie-dye movement: designers have embraced the groovy pattern on silhouettes that are more streamlined and modern. It’s all about the art of the unexpected. Another major revival happening? That of the rock? ?’n’? ?roll leather pant. This week, a few celebrities, including Katie Holmes and Cara Delevingne, have been spotted in the staple ’80s piece—only they put more polished spins on it, making it feel completely fresh and new. The best example of that lies with Charlize Theron, as the actress suited up in tailored leather.

    Photo: Getty Images

    On the streets of New York City yesterday, Theron slipped on a pair of skin-tight black leather pants. It’s a piece that could often be seen on Joan Jett in her heyday—only Theron completely dressed it up, styling it with a boxy blazer and simple white T-shirt for a classically French aesthetic. (The whole look was by Saint Laurent.) She played up the grungy vibe, however, with sleek leather boots and cool shades worthy of a superstar. So, think you can’t wear your going-out clothes to your next important meeting? Think again: simply add a tailored jacket and head out the door.

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