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    charlotte gainsbourg

    Naturally, Charlotte Gainsbourg Has Perfected Parisian Airport Style

    Photo: Getty Images
    Photo: Getty Images

    Though the south of France has filled up with celebrities, there for the annual Cannes Film Festival, Charlotte Gainsbourg has managed to stand out from the pack in a very pared-back look. Today, the French actress, who stars in Gaspar Noe’s newest film Lux ?terna, touched down at the Nice airport in a simple outfit: a black T-shirt with a belted black leather jacket, which happens to be the go-to piece of the season. In a full Yves Saint Laurent look, Gainsbourg wore simple faded skinny blue jeans and black snakeskin shoes, topping it all off with classic aviator shades and, of course, her signature shaggy haircut.

    When it comes to celebrity airport style, much of what we see has already been picked out and decided days or even weeks in advance. Stylists have called in full looks, even down to the impractical but chic pint-size bag for a supermodel; there may have been several mood boards involved. That said, it’s unlikely that Gainsbourg went the stylist route. It looks more like she’s followed the same style mantra that has guided her for years now: a uniform of tees and jeans plus the occasional leather jacket. Easy, breezy, and iconic, bien sur!

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