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    Chlo Sevigny Gives the Suit a Radical Twist at Cannes

    Chlo? Sevigny Gives the Suit a Radical Twist at Cannes

    Photos: Alessandro Lucioni / Gorunway.com

    Chlo? Sevigny is not one to follow a crowd. Where her Hollywood peers will play it safe, the actress readily leans into quirky fashion ideas; recent experiments in personal style include the babushka scarf and the granny-chic slingback, both of which she pulled off with aplomb. So it comes as no surprise that the actress would bust out yet another original outfit—this time a cool girl’s take on suiting—upon arriving in Nice, France for the Cannes Film Festival today.

    Photo: Getty Images

    Seen just outside her hotel, Sevigny looked fabulous in a pinstriped two-piece by Mugler that featured a boxy blazer and tight-fitted shorts. (Unexpected suiting happened to be a major trend at the Fall shows, so she’s naturally one step ahead there.) The actress dressed up the playful style with a classic white button-up. As for her accessories? Those were extremely on point, too: she carried a tiny quilted bag and square-toe loafer pumps with an ornate heel. (Eclectic, but still polished.) Meanwhile, wire-framed sunglasses and gold hoops finished off the ensemble. Looks like Cannes is officially off to a strong start.

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