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    slingback heels

    Chlo? Sevigny Perfects the Downtown Slingback

    Photographed by Phil Oh
    Photo: Getty Images

    Last night, at Chanel’s annual Artists Dinner at Balthazar for the Tribeca Film Festival, Chlo? Sevigny wore a ladylike look with her signature downtown spin. The actress sported a skirt set made with rich black leather and scrunched sleeves, along with a matching mini with a peekaboo white lace trim. For that cheeky spark, Sevigny wore a pert black bow fastened at the top of her head and carried a tiny classic white quilted Chanel purse.

    That said, Sevigny also wore this season’s hottest shoe, the slingback. The paper white pair came with a square toe and sharp silhouette that lent a bit of bite to Sevigny's otherwise proper look. After all, New York’s queen of cool knows how to transform stuffy into sexy.

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