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    Elle Fanning Brings the Corset Into the 21st Century

    Elle Fanning Brings the Corset Into the 21st Century

    Corsetry dates back a ways in fashion. Those laced-up bodices, pulled so tight they took one’s breath away, were all the rage during the Elizabethan era; the defined waists helped counter the voluminous skirt proportions of that time period. Since then, design has evolved, and less-constricting approaches have been taken. Yet here we are in 2019, and like all trends, it seems to be resurfacing—this time, in an ultra-modern way.

    Photo: Getty Images

    Today, Elle Fanning attended the 2019 Hulu Upfronts in New York City wearing an unexpected interpretation. Hers was a black leather style by Alexander McQueen, worn just under the bust like a giant belt, fanned out at the sides. She offset its severity with a sweeter dress, a white cotton short-sleeved silhouette. On her feet, a staggering pair of Mary Jane platforms elevated (literally) the whole ensemble, while a sportier shoulder bag added a dash of fun. So, does it mean one needs to constrict themselves for the next big Friday outing? Don’t start waist-training just yet, though a streamlined version—more of an accessory than a body modifier, really—feels unexpectedly fresh, and not at all dated.

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