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    Emily Ratajkowskis Wardrobe Malfunction Is Instagram Gold

    Emily Ratajkowski’s Wardrobe Malfunction Is Instagram Gold

    Photo: Getty Images

    It’s everybody’s worse fashion nightmare. One minute you’re sitting pretty in your favorite jeans when—oops!—that weather-worn denim is ripped from front to back. The sound itself is unmistakable. The solution? Patch 'em up! Or maybe, toss them? You could just make like Emily Ratajkowski just did on Instagram and rock them anyway. In a selfie posted today, the supermodel is posing coyly in a cushy chair, her legs crossed quite intentionally to expose the gaping wide hole across the back of her denim pants. The rest of her look is classic Emrata: crop top and cozy shearling-lined denim jacket. She captioned the image with her signature sardonic wit, too: “Business Casual.” The day after, she went even further, and uploaded an Instagram showing a full, bursting-at-the-rip backside photo with the caption: “accidents happen.”

    The ripped jeans aren’t the only attention-grabbing thing about her outfit. The supermodel is wearing a logo hat boasting the letters OPN by the alternative artist Oneohtrix Point Never. (His most recent album Age Of features plucky medieval instrumentation.) Does Ratajkowski listen to his music? That remains unclear. One thing's for sure: the experimental music nerd uniform has never looked this um, cheeky.

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