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    Kim Kardashian West Is Bringing Back This OTT Boot Trend

    Kim Kardashian West Is Bringing Back This OTT Boot Trend

    Photo: Yannis Vlamos / Indigital.tv

    Back in 2017, Manolo Blahnik, king of the dainty shoe, debuted the unlikeliest of collaborations: a capsule collection with Vetements, arguably one of the coolest fashion labels in Paris. The result was an uptown-downtown offering that featured exaggerated riffs on Blahnik’s signature footwear styles. Satin pumps sprouted unexpected ankle straps, while pointy boots were given a western twist. But the one shoe that had everyone talking? The stiletto boot-pant, first revealed to the world on the Vetements Spring 2017 runway.

    Finished in satin and cut with a well-above-the-thigh silhouette, the slouchy pant-boots immediately had the fashion world buzzing—and it didn’t take long for celebrities to get on board with them, either. Rihanna was one of the first to wear them (naturally), slipping on a pair in orange for an onstage performance with Drake in Toronto in 2016; (Kendall Jenner wasn’t too fair behind her].) And now, Kim Kardashian West is bringing them back for round two.

    Today, the Vogue cover star posted a selfie in head-to-toe pink on Instagram. (She loves a monochromatic moment.) She opted for the famed OTT boots, styling them with a streamlined catsuit, one of her signatures. As the great Nancy Sinatra once sang, these boots are made for walkin‘—or in this case, double-tappin‘. To cap it all off, the reality TV star threw on a futuristic pair of shield-like sunglasses, leaning into the Yeezy Barbie aesthetic.

    Vetements Spring 2017Photo: Yannis Vlamos / Indigital.tv

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