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    kim karashian taking notes

    Somehow Kim Kardashian West Makes Writer’s Block Look Sexy

    Photo: Getty Images

    Kim Kardashian West takes notes differently than most people—as in, very chicly! Today, the aspiring lawyer posted an Instagram image of herself lounging in the sun, a notebook in one hand, a pen perfectly balanced in the other. (How old fashioned! How vintage!) So, was she writing poetry? Captions for social media? Studying for the upcoming bar exam? Who knows! Regardless, she managed to make it a fashion moment, coordinating her blue notebook with a matching bodysuit and PVC see-through skirt.

    Books of all kinds have been popping up on celebrity Instagram accounts lately, mostly as stylish props. Bella and Gigi Hadid have been leading the charge, accessorizing street style outfits with their favorite novels. (Gigi’s paperback of choice is The Stranger by Albert Camus, while Bella has been reading Stephen King’s newest thriller, The Outsider.) Kardashian West is taking the trend in a slightly new direction however, with her monochromatic down-to-the-notepad selfie. Peer deep into her Caroline Lemke x KKW sunglasses though, and the lenses appear to reflect a blank page. If anyone can make writer’s block look sexy, then it’s probably her.

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