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    Of Course Rihanna Pulled This Super Bold Look Off the Runway

    Of Course Rihanna Pulled This Super Bold Look Off the Runway

    Photo: Backgrid

    When it comes to fashion, Rihanna is fearless. She is the ultimate style shape-shifter: she’ll go from a breezy, beachy look to suited-up tailoring with complete ease. She loves switching up her aesthetic and taking a risk with her outfits, and rarely has it not paid off. Her latest challenge? Taking one of the boldest, most over-the-top looks from the recent Fall 2019 runways and managing to make it look completely wearable on the streets. And without a doubt, she pulled it off.

    Spotted in her home of Barbados, where she took in a Buju Banton concert, Rihanna wore a look from Off-White’s recent Fall collection, which was first shown in February in Paris. The Virgil Abloh–designed ensemble—a floor-length jacket, hot shorts, and booties all in the same checkered print—is one of those tricky runway styling jobs that’s purposefully pushed to the extreme. Yet Rih wore it exactly as shown, committing to the designer’s original head-to-toe take. And, magically, she made it look super casual in the process. Now, any average person would maybe take one graphic piece and incorporate it into their wardrobe. But Rihanna? She’s a master of extremes.

    Off-White Fall 2019Photo: Alessandro Lucioni / Gorunway.com
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