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    Rosie HuntingtonWhiteley Upgrades a Model OffDuty Styling Trick

    Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Upgrades a Model Off-Duty Styling Trick

    Photo: Getty Images
    Photo: Getty Images

    The perfect Spring outfit is hard to come by; erratic weather, allergies, and fashion fatigue lead many to go for the obvious—florals for Spring, groundbreaking—but yesterday in New York Rosie Huntington-Whiteley offered a supermodel alternative. In an oversized cream blazer worn over a silk skirt and white blouse combination all from Sally LaPointe, Huntington-Whiteley went for the elegance of classic workwear elevated by haute details.

    From the bright marigold stiletto sandals to the monogrammed cell-phone case, every aspect of Huntington-Whiteley’s outfit was carefully considered. Even the choice to drape her jacket over her shoulders like a cape—a classic street style styling trick—added a touch of springy sophistication to the look.

    Lately the supermodel has taken her daywear to luxurious new heights. Others may lounge around in jeans, but Huntington-Whiteley documents her daily outfits on Instagram to the delight of her fans. Tonal shades of camel and beige become a recurring motif—this week alone she’s already worn neutral pieces from Galvan, The Row, and Jacquemus—and her latest look captures the theme at its most alluring.

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